About Signs & Designs

Behind every good sign is a group of artists and craftspeople…

We're not making the same sign every day, so there are fresh challenges that keep us on our feet - have a crazy idea for a sign, let us turn the dial to 11 and make a big impression!

Our Team

David Schachterle

Dave has led Signs & Designs since 1981. From hand-lettering panel signs in the garage, to overseeing welding, digital printing and a small fleet of vehicles, Dave has mad sign skills.

Mason Fromm

He only looks like he's in charge of everything.

Von Syhlman

If you stop to visit, chances are you'll see Von first - keeping track of production and steadily getting the job done every day.


  • Chamber Of Commerce Member Since 1996
  • USSC Member United States Sign Council
  • Award Winning Signs At AAF And Signs Of The Times